All the diagnoses

At first, it was just anxiety. Then, an identity crisis led to all these questions I could not find answers to, regarding the universe, the human condition, my place in the world… These thoughts became an obsession and, one day, I woke up to not percieving the world around me as real. Derealization hit me hard.

Inevitably, I fell into depression. School started to go all the wrong ways. My relationship started to crumble. Nothing was going well. I seeked help, though the psychiatrist didn’t help me much. I failed some classes. My relationship ended. I failed some more classes. I found a new psychiatrist: panic disorder and mild agoraphobia, he said. This is where I stand, at the moment.

I hope I’m finally starting to heal, though you can never really be sure.

I’m Teresa and this is my journey.


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