My ex’s mom

She called like she said she would the day of my breakdown. She said a lot of things. She said I had to accept we are no longer together and move on because I do not deserve to be suffering and I deserve to enjoy my vacation before college starts again.

She was firm with her words but she was her usual sweet self. She made me feel so much better about myself and so much calmer. She reminded me of how special I am not only as a woman but also in my ex’s and his family’s life. I miss them but I can’t let that take over my life.

I needed that confidence boost. She reminded me that I’m a beautiful, unique, intelligent person. She said I can have any man I want but that I don’t need one and that I should never lose my time over one.

I already knew all of these things but coming from her was a lot different. I think this is what I needed to let go of the past.

After crying nonstop on the phone I went back to my towel where my sisters were and asked them to go with me to the water. We entered the cold sea water instantly because that’s something we like to do, it washed away my tears and my thoughts. I’m moving on. I’m happy.


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