Run of bad luck

I’ve been absent, I know. All due to lack of motivation. Lack of motivation caused by my enormous fear of failing. At everything.

So, instead of doing something useful, I just lay in my couch watching Sex and the City, overeating, ocasionally smoking cigarrettes wishing I was either Carrie or Samantha, I can see bits of myself in both of them.

I’m also having a run of bad luck. Maybe my ex cast a spell on me. I don’t feel like complaining about all the past events but this one I have to tell you about it. To top it all off, today, just a few hours ago, while having lunch with my girlfriends, sitting on the grass, I took a bite of my sandwich and, along with it, I SWALLOWED ONE OF MY FAKE TEETH (both my superior incisives). Now I look like a pirate.

I have a presentation in class tomorrow, luckily, I managed to book an emergency dentist appointment otherwise I don’t think I could stand in front of everyone missing a tooth.

This picture is too accurate.


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