Actively shifting your thoughts

A couple of weeks ago, I searched the web for “how to love life again”. I found something very simple and obvious, yet, absolutely life-changing.

It read “don’t say you want to die, even if you want to, don’t say it”. I started to think about this. I realized I said it every day. Not while crying, not while upset, not that I felt suicidal at all, I just kept saying how pleasant it would be to be dead and just not exist. Me and my best girlfriend would casually text about this every day, it wasn’t a big deal, we weren’t planning on killing ourselves, we just shared the same opinion: how easy would it be to not exist?

Then, after reading this on the internet, I told her we could never say it again, ever. The truth is, the more you say it, the more it makes sense in your head, especially when the person you say it to agrees with you.

So I stopped saying it, I stopped talking about it and started thinking about it less and less. Now every morning I wake up, I feel more positive. Then, I look around and my surroundings are becoming more beautiful each day. 

And, regarding this blog, I’m glad there are finally some positive vibes going on. 



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