31 things about me

How cliché is this post? Probably very much. Still, is fun to do and you can get to know me a little better. So here it goes:

  1. My name is Maria Teresa. Teresa because of my grandma, Maria comes from Virgin Mary (Maria, in portuguese) because my mother is a devote catholic.
  2. I’m not a devote catholic. I’m agnostic but I believe in most buddhist principles.
  3. I’m 19. I’ll be 20 in about a month, though (20th of November!!!!).
  4. I’m a scorpio and fit the description 100%.
  5. I’m a Mechanical engineering student, and no, it’s not just for boys.
  6. I live away from home, 200 and something km away, to attend university at the most awesome and beautiful city in Portugal – Porto.
  7. This September, one of my sisters came to Porto and we’re now sharing a rented apartment.
  8. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 7 years.
  9. I’ve been struggling with depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, derealization and panic on-and-off for about two years.
  10. Dispite all of this, I’m a really fun person to be around and I’m very extroverted.
  11. I love singing and if life were easy I’d be a rock star.
  12. I love reading. At the moment, my favorite writer is Haruki Murakami, I’ve read several of his books.
  13. I’m a very philosophycal person. I have a natural tendency to question everything.
  14. I had my heart broken really bad 8 months ago and although it isn’t completely healed, I recently got into a new relationship with a very special person.
  15. I dream of having my own business.
  16. I have an amazing family, my parents and two beautiful younger sisters. In spite of all our fights we can’t live without eachother.
  17. There’s a sixth family member: our dog. Pipo, a half-labrador, so dark he looks like this giant black spot. He’s absolutely crazy and has swallowed over 30 pairs of panties and ruined around 10 pairs of shoes
  18. I love animals. If I see a dog or a cat on the street I’ll always stop and pet them.
  19. I’m always making jokes. 85% of them are dirty.
  20. My friends always come to me for sex advice.
  21. I love going to the movies, I get really absorbed by it and it feels magical.
  22. Other than Portugal, I’ve been to Spain, France, Italy and England.
  23. I want to travel the world.
  24. I’ve lived in Paris and it changed me. Some things I hated, some things I loved. Still, it’s the most magical city I’ve ever been to.
  25. I love going to the gym and eating healthy.
  26. I’ve made way to many drunken mistakes and have drank very heavily. I’m now quitting to become healthier.
  27. I’m creative.
  28. I keep my things and my house very clean and neat and I color-coordinate my closet.
  29. I love doing laundry.
  30. I love make up.
  31. I love quotes and my phone’s storage is full of them. So, to end this and to inspire you, here’s one of my favorites:

That’s my baby monster dog in the default picture. Isn’t he adorable?

There’s still a lot to say, but I’m sure you’ll discover it yourself if you read my posts.

Have a great day, everyone! Stay happy ❤️


5 thoughts on “31 things about me

  1. Hi Teresa nice to meet you! I also have Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder as well as Type 2 Diabetes. My Diabetes was brought on by Bipolar weight gain meds. I am working on losing enough weight to reverse The Diabetes but it is hard. I have written 761 Short Stories and 20 books if you want to read some of my writing they are on my wordpress http://www.curleymania.wordpress.com. Sorry to hear about you getting you heart broken. Glad you are healing you will be better in time. Stay strong!


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