New doctor and new found hope!

I’m scheduled for an EEG next Wednesday.

For the second time, I had to seek for a new psychiatrist. I reached a stage where I wasn’t doing well but I wasn’t doing bad either.

I shouldn’t settle for being just OK, right? I want to feel great, to be my best, truest, most successful self.

My new doctor is supposed to be really good and he immediately booked me an appointment with this great psychologist (the first one to do so!) and I’m really excited for finally getting some psychotherapy.

He’s a man in his mid-fifties, calm, with a sense of humor, really nice and very easy to talk to. He told me I’m a smart girl and he guaranteed me a 92% accurate diagnosis. There’s hope, my friends! And I’m so happy for that!

Birthday countdown: 7 days


4 thoughts on “New doctor and new found hope!

  1. It says a lot about you that you are introspetive and want to understand yourself better. I’m the same way. The answers might not be quick or easy but having a good fit with your professional guide should bring progress. If people are open to it there is always something to learn.


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