The inevitable: the breakup

I broke his heart. I left him completely shattered in small pieces and he has no one to pick them up.

Part of me loves him for the person he is and for all the the good he did for me but I’m not in love with him. I finally gathered the courage to leave him.

It wasn’t fair for either one of us. He truly deserves someone who loves him for who he is. In a way, I stayed with him for a few more weeks because I didn’t want him suffering but I was already emotionally “out” of the relationship.

I know I changed him, I changed his life, I entered it like a tornado and turned everything upside down. Like I do with everyone.

He cried so much. And I cried just as much for seeing him cry.

I hope that, with time, he’ll pick himself up. Like I have before, too.

Dispite all the suffering, I’m certain I made the right choice for both of us and I will find peace in that certainty.


2 thoughts on “The inevitable: the breakup

  1. It takes a certain courage to do that, knowing it will hurt him, but he has to appreciate that it needed to be done, even if he can’t see that presently. . Sometimes it’s the guy who says it but a Lot of guys do Not want to hear –‘we can still be friends. .’ but on the other hand some broken relationships for me have had end results of things evolving into friendships of varying degrees. That doesn’t work for everyone of course. . I just hope this guy doesn’t make this into a big tragedy that he holds onto.


    1. I feel the same way. But sadly it does feel like he his make this like the biggest tragedy of his life and it makes me miserable. I just hope he realizes it happens with everyone and that it is hard but it gets better with time. Maybe one day we’ll be friends. I would love that.


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