On the Paris attacks

It’s easy to post some picture of the Eiffel Tower with the hashtag #prayforparis. What clearly isn’t as easy is being a good person at heart.

There’s a Portuguese saying — “Faça o bem sem olhar a quem.” — it means: do good for its own sake. There’s good people who go by this saying. Then, there’s people capable of these inhuman acts of terrorism that make others lose faith in humanity.

These news hit close to home for me. I’ve lived in Paris and it was one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. This city lives in my heart. It’s, without a doubt, the city of love. The parisians did not deserve this and these horrible acts of violence will take a toll on the whole world.

I feel sad, beat down and a bit angry.

My message for everyone who reads this blog is a very simple one: spread as much love, kindness and passion as you possibly can. Do not think you’re too small to make a change. Do not give up on humanity, specially during its darkest times.


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