World War III?!?!?!?

Is it childish to fear a third world war?

Maybe it’s just me getting this overwhelming anxiety over the recent terrorist attacks. It scares me so much.

The Islamic State is out of control and seems to want to take over the whole world and basically track down and kill every good and innocent person. Including muslims, good people, who I’m sure are terribly offended by these acts of violence.

The Anonymous have responded to the IS. They say “The French people is stronger than you and we will bring you down.”. They also claim they’re “uniting humanity”. I totally support this. We must all come together as one. We must look inside of ourselves and let go of our hate, become united through also letting go of being selfish. Look after your kids, your lovers, your co-workers, your neighbours, strangers on the street. Practice kindness. Do not underestimate the power of love. You do not fight violence with violence, that only generates more of it. We can be stronger than all their weapons, we have values, morals and true humanity inside of us. We will triumph. Do not let yourself be defeated by all the hate. Peace is not an utopy.


One thought on “World War III?!?!?!?

  1. Very well said, profound and heartfelt. . .These kinds of hateful large scale attacks are shocking and horrible, like the ‘9-11’ in New York– but in reality there have been terrorists groups employing deadly violence against others all of recorded history. There is always a reason of belief for them, no matter how outrageous or misguided and flawed it may be. Any War you can think of. Genocide by the Nazis and later under direction from various country’s dictators. It is always shockingly appalling by nature and it seems more so when it’s closer to home. It’s a horrible fact of life that we must strengthen our souls against. .


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