The roads you take

Would I be happier had I gone the other way?

2 years and 3 months ago I left my hometown to go study at university. I remember the first few weeks, I felt very lonely, insecure and lost. I’m still kind of clueless regarding some things but, looking back, I’ve come a long way.

I chose to leave everything behind, except for my family and a few friends. I ran away from past relationships, people I didn’t relate to, mistakes I’d made. I felt safer starting over in a new place. It was a fresh start.

Even though I’m only a 3 hour bus ride away from home I rarely go back. While, on the other hand, my old friends are still very attached to that place and they never understood why I wasn’t like them.

In these 2 years and 3 months I’ve made my worst mistakes and now I can’t run from them. Not for 4 more years, at least. I can’t even forget about them. Not when my ex sits behind me in class, not when I go out and he’s there with his new girlfriend, not when whispers of all the things I did wrong echoe through the halls of the department of Mechanical Engineering, where everyone’s favorite hobby is gossiping.

Maybe I would be happier had I stayed rooted to my hometown but I wouldn’t have built up my independence or my strong character and I’m confident these will be advantages in the future.

I can’t run away now. I might as well fight for the main objective: get this degree that is hard as fuck but that will pay off in the end and strive.


5 thoughts on “The roads you take

  1. It’s good to get away when you go to uni. You aree going through an important development time. Bodies, brains and minds are altering fast. You have to embrace, expand and reach out. That’s the main function of uni. It gets you to develop.
    I’ve seen people who stayed home and study and stagnate.
    Grasp it and grow!
    We make mistakes and move on. Gossip is shallow. Ignore it. Strike out to pastures new. Leave the past in the past.

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  2. Well what I was going to say has already been said in the previous comment. Learn from past mistakes (EVERYBODY makes mistakes mistakes) and go forward–but you know that already


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