To my Father

I haven’t started writing, yet I’m tearing up already.

There is no person in this world as beautiful as my father. I wish everyone could have had the luck I did for being born the daughter of this amazing man.

To my father, here it goes:

I was always the daddy’s girl and you loved it, because, from the day I was brought into this world, you started loving me more than you had ever loved anyone and in a way no one else will ever love me again.

As a child, you were so kind. I was an insecure kid but you always had my back. We were pals, we had our own little games and things we talked about, I could ask you anything in the world and you always knew the right answer and had the patience to explain it to me. Regarding nature, botany, animals, the world. To this day, you still have all the answers. You are the wisest man I know, besides granpa, of course.

As I grew up, you were so proud. You watched me blossom into a strong girl and your eyes would sparkle everytime I’d do well in school or get compliments from teachers. We started having more serious conversations about everything and you taught me so much. When I got into university, you told all your co-workers and could not contain how happy you were for me. You saw a bright future ahead in my life.

Today, as an adult, you are so patient. These past two years I’ve been in constant need of your help and support and you never failed me, not once.

Thank you for always calming me down.


Thank you for never getting tired of hearing me cry over the phone.

Thank you for always making me feel a little less hopeless.

Thank you for never letting me give up.

Thank you for always being my best friend.

Thank you for not giving up on me and still continue to search for a solution to my issues.

Thank you for, even today, on your birthday, going the extra mile (literally) to try to pull me out of this hole I’ve been living in.

You are my world. And I know you make a lot of people’s worlds better every single day for being the amazing person and professional you are.

I will always look up to you. There’s no better idol. I do not have to look anywhere else for inspiration because I’ve got you. Your passion, your kindness, your knowledge, your good heart, you strong will and everything about you makes me the luckiest daughter in the world.

Happy birthday, Dad! I love you more than words can explain.


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