Drowning in work

I have so many feelings going on. So many projects, so many thoughts, so many hopes and I have an enormous urge to write about them!

It’s the last week of the semester  and I’m drowning in unfinished papers and studying I have to get done. I want to run away but I can’t and I won’t give up, ever. So I’ll be slaying all week long!
I hope once this week is through, the inspiration will still be here.

It’s during times like these I remember how much I need writing, it’s my escape.

See you in a week! And wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “Drowning in work

  1. It’s OK. Make a list of what needs doing and prioritise them. Tick them off as you do them.
    I often found in my job that I was swamped with things and did not have the time to do them. I worked through and suddenly it all cleared and I was in the open again. You’ll emerge.


  2. I think you are stronger than you realize at times. We all have had situations where the work to be done seems overwhelming. But as Opher said, plan it out and try to know it will all be fine in the end. . unless you surrender to being overwhelmed by panic– but you will Not do that. No you won’t ! ♥


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