Just so grateful that The Beatles are on Spotify, FINALLY!!!!!!!! Best Christmas gift, definitely. Since I don’t do the whole gift thing.

Merry Christmas y’all! 


9 thoughts on “GRATEFUL

  1. I just saw this because I went looking- for some reason I don’t get notified of your new posts every time, only sometimes.

    I hope things are feeling better for you now, I worry a little about you, a concern, when you’re feeling down or overwhelmed .. .like a mom, with my ‘motherly vibe’. . ha

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    1. You’re so kind, Kate 🙂 it’s really comforting to know you care about me! I wish I knew more about you! I’m feeling better so don’t worry 🙂


      1. occasionally I check on the post videos to see if they are still there, it happens often enough that a youtube videos are pulled or blocked. That was the case on this last week, but there were other videos to get, of the same songs.
        But now I see those got blocked as well. Some blocks are only for certain countries, go figure.. you could see them ?


      2. Nope, they were blocked also. And most are available in the States and not here, in Portugal. But I just wrote down the titles and searched for the songs on Spotify 🙂


      3. Maybe their new availability on Spotify has something to do with Beatles songs suddenly blocked off youtube. I have another Beatles post that has been up for 2-3 years, when I looked today- now ‘blocked in your country’.


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