Funny therapy story

Sooooo today this funny thing happened. I was super happy today so I wouldn’t shut up in therapy, I kept rambling about everything. Then I mentioned my ex’s new girlfriend and Pi thought I had already showed her a picture of her. I knew I hadn’t so I did. I did not expect her reaction!!!! She said “She is very ugly. Very.”. Even if Pi hadn’t said that, she didn’t need to, the look on her face said it all. I was in shock but I found it really funny at the same time.

I’m not a bad person. I never shame other people for their looks but it’s my great love’s “new” (not so new anymore) girlfriend who was a bitch to me. I don’t have to like her and she is ugly. When your therapist agrees it becomes a fact.


6 thoughts on “Funny therapy story

  1. hahaha I do as you do, trying not to disparage anyone, keeping any comments generic or non-commital , at least in public, even if inside my head I might have a crowd of thoughts that want to be spoken. (Once in a while they prevail. . ) But it’s quite satisfying to have someone else say it for you. .haha/ Now you know the therapist will be honest and direct with you. ( but that mean s she might say something one day that you don’t like hearing !)


      1. It occured to me later that the scenario with the photo was not random, spur of the moment but rather calculated, to see what your reactions were to her declaration that the girl was very ugly. It was a thought I had because it just seems odd to me that she would ask to see a photo of your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend .


      2. She didn’t ask to. I showed her because I wanted her to see her. I’ve shown her a couple of other people, too. But yes, I’m sure she was paying attention to my reactions to have a deeper understanding.


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