The supertramp

It was fun to linger in your bed on Saturday mornings.

It was wonderful watching your sparkling eyes and the way the bead in your beard moved as you talked and kissing the tattoos on your broad shoulders.

In the comfort of your room with the low ceiling and the window just above the sidewalk, you took me back on your 14-month trip around the world with your bandolin and no money, you told me all your stories in between lovemaking sessions. You fascinated me.

We would share our deepest thoughts and I would tell you you were just a dreamer and that all your ideas were utopic, too optimistic, as well, but you are happy that way and I wish you never change.

Maybe one day I’ll attend a Rainbow Gathering, too. Maybe we’ll go together. We might even actually jump off the D. Luís bridge like we said we would.

I couldn’t let you get too attached, I had to let you go. Something tells me, though, one day, we’ll meet again.

You said “I’m sad to see you leave. I was enjoying the ride.”

Thanks for the ride, supertramp. I enjoyed it, too.

About one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met.


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