Falling in love (for the first time in my twenties)

We both like our espressos black,

We both have a passion for Paris and New York,

We both like the opera and Hemingway,

We both have the Dire Straits as our most played band on Spotify.

We might very well be in love.

For nine months, I was in a hole,

Now my heart is racing again.

I should protect it from another nine months of pain

But I look at him, across the coffee table, and can’t stop smiling

(I feel silly… Much like when I was fifteen).

He smiles back and I swear there’s a sparkle in his gaze

Oh yes, we are in love!!!!

(And then I just stare at his very sexy arms…)

Image via Pinterest.

4 thoughts on “Falling in love (for the first time in my twenties)

  1. well there you go. . you have nothing to compain about today then. . haha.. it’s a feeling unto itself to be in love. . and much happiness to you in this! If he ever makes you cry I’m coming over there to hunt him down hahahahaha


    1. Yes, there’s always something to be happy about, and I’ve been pretty excited about this 🙂 Hahahaha you are the best! I’d love you to come over but I’d just show you around and take you to awesome places, who cares about boys anyways!!!! Pff

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