Who to lean on?

Some days are very hard.

I’ve stopped relying on my friends when I’m really down. I know they feel powerless because there isn’t much they can do for me. My mom once told me “Friends are great for when you’re feeling good.” and, sadly, it is kind of true.

I always leaned on my dad even on my darkest days but yesterday he kind of snapped and showed disappointment. It hurt. Both because I never thought this day would come and because I never wanted to disappoint him. Ever.

It’s hard feeling lonely. I was never very good at holding my pain inside. I don’t know what might happen.

Should I try to ignore it and just keep focused on the work I need to get done? Probably.



8 thoughts on “Who to lean on?

  1. This will sound trite but (in general), in the end we really have only ourselves. We are born alone and die alone, regardless of others with us at the time. When my dad told me that, as I once moaned about feeling So Alone– it was a jolt, but true. Others may help us along the way, our friends, or even strangers, but it all comes down to the individual–the personal evolvement of coping and attitudes. So don’t take it too hard about your dad. Maybe it was his way of giving you a little push ?
    If you need to write about whatever you may be going through, then write.. it does help!

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    1. I have already realized that is very true. Maybe it’s part of the beauty of it all… the loneliness… Just a little rant 🙂
      Kate, why won’t you enable comments on your posts? I so wanted to tell you how all those adorable cats cheered me up!!! I always find awesome stuff on your blogs 🙂

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  2. There are a lot of folks who ridicule all the cat stuff on the internet, and there is a LOT of it. . but plenty of people like it. The funny pictures, videos & gif make me laugh so I enjoy sharing them. That one video of Gizmo the Cat- “Don’t Touch It’- makes me laugh EVERY time even though I know what’s coming

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