Your own path

I’m hard on myself, mean, even. I see everyone around me doing so good all the time. Achieving their goals and moving on to the next ones. And I compare myself to them. In my head, I must be like them or else I’m nothing but a disappointment to my friends and family.

That’s not true and if I reflect on it, I know I’m very wrong. Everyone has their own path to happiness, peace and fullfilment. Mine’s a little rougher at the moment that the people’s around me but it’s getting better, slowly but surely. My worth is not based on what I get done or what I accomplish, nor is yours. Because sometimes you just don’t have the strength to do things and that’s okay. I’m still a great friend, a hell lot of fun and a good lover, that is worth something!

Give yourself the time you need to heal. I will, too. 



One thought on “Your own path

  1. This just goes to show that you have your shit together (. a weird American saying). I think almost EVERYBODY has -or has had- some feelings of insecurities, feeling like everybody else is so confident and sure of themselves . . .’better than me’.
    Some people just bluff and fake it better than others. But then as we grow in self-awareness, we do become more confident within ourselves. But I think also that it’s never a straight road. . the twists & turns, the hills and rough patches. . but we get to where we are going.


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