Open relationships

Today was just plain fucking weird.

I gave up after 15 minutes into my exam because I realized I didn’t know shit.

Then I went to meet the guy I’ve been seeing for about a month and, not only did I cry, I bawled. Tears just poured down my face. I realized how I keep fucking up. How, out of 6 subjects, I’m failing 4. How I killed myself studying and becoming more and more depressed for nothing at all!!!!

Then he came home with me so I wouldn’t be alone. I was supposed to pack for my flight tomorrow while he worked.

But we just ended up in my bed. We got intimate for the first time and it was awesome.

Then, out of nowhere, he told me he and his ex had been in an open relationship for the last few months. 

The things between them are yet to be resolved as he broke up with her to be with me, after 6 years of them dating, and she won’t let go.

But what the fuck?!?!? Open relationships are fucked up. He claims he really loved her. I don’t get it. He says you can love someone but still have sex with other people, that it means nothing, that you just have to be honest about it.

Do I want to be with someone who thinks it’s ok to be in an open relationship? I know for now he won’t be in one, not with me.

My life is a fucking mess.


11 thoughts on “Open relationships

  1. I’m sorry to tell you something I think you’ve been coming to discover–men are DOGS. Not all of course, but an enormous number of them screw around if given any opportunity, or seek opportunities, easily lying to the women. That open-relationship term is straight-out code for fucking around…
    ‘she won’t let me go. .’ Really, man? B S ! Don’t you talk to my girl like she’s a moron.. . .
    Better you know now than later, T . I’m sorry. for your pain. . and I may have to come over there like I said and hunt him down. He wouldn’t like that

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