I’m back full time

I didn’t go very far.

I just stopped showing my feelings. Not just on this platform but to all my friends and family. Lately, all I say to myself is “I’m a burden.”.

And maybe I am. But at least on here I can’t feel like I have to hold back even if all there is to say at times is sad and hopeless and dark and basically shit no one wants to hear about.

So I’m back because I desperately need an outlet. And there will probably be these heavy, dark posts when I’m feeling completely depressed but hey! I’m a fun girl. I’m actually a social butterfly with one too many funny over-drinking, sex, boy trouble related funny stories (my life comes down to these things, lately, kind of sad but it is college…).

I want to share all these. Dark, light, heavy, funny, disturbing, sad, random, wonderful, unbelievable, unlikely thoughts, experiences and events.

So yes, me and my new MacBook Pro (thanks dad, I’m sorry I make you poor) are becoming close friends, I’ll just continue to take it with me everywhere and I’ll be delighted to start writing again.

Thanks to everyone who leaves some words of love now and then… They mean the world.


4 thoughts on “I’m back full time

  1. Teresa – glad you’re back and sorry to hear you’ve been down. Write and unburden. Share and be cathartic. Life can be fun. Enjoy. You’re safe here.


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