Still not a driver, not yet

I failed the test to get my driver’s license. Just now.

At the moment, I’m sitting at the first café I could find and going over all the things that have been going wrong.

I know I wasn’t 100% ready, I had two exams last week and basically have been studying my ass off for two weeks to the point of having meltdowns every single day. Also, never having no one to comfort me. I’ve been really alone, like I’ve said. Which is normal, I guess, but not very comfortable.
The only positive way to look at all the shit going on is as signs from the universe that, when I least expect it, things will start coming together.

Because there’s a limit for the things in your life falling apart. Or isn’t it?


6 thoughts on “Still not a driver, not yet

  1. well first off, why did you fail the test for your drivers license – now you know what questions you gave wrong answers for on the written test. Or was it the driving test? Knowing what was done wrong should eliminate those mistakes next time, yes ?


    1. It was the written one except it’s on a computer… And you don’t get to see what questions you got wrong! But I’m sure of some of things I did wrong so yes, I will work on those!


      1. You’ll succeed next time. it mght suc to not have your license yet, but driving isn’t something to take lightly –you wouldn’t want everybody who failed their tests to be driving around . Although later you mght wonder how some other drivers ever passed any test, with them being so bad, it happens! All the more reason for you to be the best you can be in that, as a defense

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