Dating disaster

I went on a date yesterday. First, the guy was very, very short. Even if I weren’t wearing heels I’d still be taller than him.

Also, he’s a stoner. The talk was great but he’s still a stoner and I’m not into that. Not sure how I’m gonna ditch him.

I have it harder than most girls being 173 cm tall. Shit. Like it isn’t hard enough already.


3 thoughts on “Dating disaster

  1. You know you don’t want to invest more time in him so just be direct– gentle, but direct–that it’s not working for you. Even if he’s all infatuated with you, the sooner it’s done, the better. Don’t mention his lack of height, but the stoner aspect is a totally valid reason.
    love, Mom hahahahaha

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      1. Depending on what he feels about you, if he has hopeful expectations, his feelings might be bruised a bit, but you wouldn’t want to give mixed signals, where he thinks there’s hope. Put yourself in his shoes, as they say


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