There’s something about Sunday night

Maybe if I had longer hair (even longer)
Fuller lips (even fuller)
A bigger butt
A flat stomach
Flawless skin
I’d be more likable

I shouldn’t be so loud
My mother told me to keep a low profile
Maybe we’d get along
Weren’t I so loud

I come to school with no make up
I cuss
I speak my mind
I get angry

I’m a mess
My thoughts distract me from my work
They keep me up at night
They make me sad

“You’re too needy!”
I am
I am lonely because I am weak
Because I am sad

So, it’s no wonder… what’s to like?


(This makes no sense. I just had to vent.)




3 thoughts on “There’s something about Sunday night

  1. Who doesn’t have insecurities and ‘flaws’ ? just don’t let them take over your head. . If you’re imagining people don’t ‘like you’, it’s doubtful that is true because most people are too wrapped up in their own selves, in their own heads first. (me – me – me). But so what if someone doesn’t like you. . it might sting a bit but it’s not fatal. They are obviously stupid–haha hahaha


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