Useless piles of stuff

Does it make you stressed to look at it? Do you dread the day you’ll have to get it sorted?

Maybe you don’t even know what’s in there, you haven’t looked at it in so long. It probably doesn’t serve you anymore, for the same reason.

Tackle it. Whether it’s a box or a drawer or a pile of papers. Sort it, toss out anything you don’t need. Be reckless and realistic about it, you know you’ll never use it again.

Then, day after day, keep doing the same thing. Until everything you own serves an actual purpose. Until everything has a proper place. Until everything is actually decluttered.

Eventually, there will be nothing left in the room causing you stress and anxiety. You can’t be calm in the midst of chaos and your home should be a place where you can relax. There won’t be any useless piles of stuff distracting you from where you’re going. You might not notice right away, but you’ll be decluttering YOUR MIND, too.

The things you own end up owning you.

Fight Club (1999 movie)


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