Officially moving to France

“A ce jour, vous êtes officiellement accepté(e) à l’Université de Tours.” – Today, you are officially accepted to the University of Tours.

First of September I’ll be already settled in Tours, France. All by myself. This will be my biggest challenge yet, in so many different ways.

Soon, you’ll hear more about it.

Mes amis, l’aventure commence!


5 thoughts on “Officially moving to France

  1. You seem to know the language well, that’s a priority for successful functioning day-to-day. I’m greatly impressed you are fluent in 2 non-native languages!
    It’s going to be a fine adventure with surprizes along the way, I’d guess. And I want to hear all about it!


  2. A weird thing I remember about visiting Versailles, the hall of mirrors, is that someone etched their initials and date in a corner of a mirror, with a diamond ring I suppose–the date was 1896


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