I’m failing some classes again. 3rd year of uni and I’m still not getting it right.

Misery loves company but today I’m drinking alone. Fuck school. Fuck people. Fuck everything. And afterwards I’m taking a nap.

Also, this is really good beer, you guys. You should try it.


12 thoughts on “Cheers!

      1. Yum, I like strong beer.
        Of course, I should have guessed, a fellow sufferer 😀
        I do that sort of nasty yucky thing for a living (call that living?) Currently a mechanical designer…
        Have you considered Civil? Structural? Electrical even?


      2. Then you just how hard it is!! Happy to know I’m not alone!!
        I find it interesting and I want to specialize in materials engineering. Also, I’m in too deep already to start all over again!


      3. Hmmm, as in materials deposition or material properties, yield strength etc. and the testing? Breaking stuff is so much fun, I used to make creep test specimens out of nimonic stainless steel. That stuff is tough to cut. My advice, you will never get rich with Mechanical Engineering, but you can get a whole heap of job satisfaction 🙂 Keep learning, It gets easier..


      4. More like material properties but focusing on product developing 🙂
        I don’t aim to become crazy rich but still believe I can achieve many things with this degree, it’s a Master’s at the best university in Portugal (like top 100 of the world).
        It’s 5 years of intense studying and I’ve really been struggling but I will keep on fighting for it 🙂
        Your know a lot more about me now haha


      5. I did five years day and evening release just to get an advanced certificate. Four year apprenticeship as well at the same time. The certificate I did then (soooo long ago) is worth more than a diploma now.. And got me from the UK to NZ. Once I got a job here of course:)
        You are embarking on a career that can get you around the world. Make the best of your study and get what you want out of it.


      6. That’s what makes me sure about it, it can really take me anywhere! And I think it’s good to be able to be thrilled about the future 🙂 I will, thank you for the advice

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  1. Have your day of sulking. Drink your beer, get laid, dance and cry. Then when you are done, stop your moaning, remember why you are there, your goals & ambitions. Believe in yourself and set to conquering those books like a pro! You can do it. 🙂


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