Should I mind the gap?

I would like your insight on this one.

There’s this guy in my life, it’s fairly recent. I’ve never been in a committed relationship with anyone this older than me. I’m 20, he’s 27. My therapist says it’s no big deal. My mom was OK with it, too. Yet, my friends find it really bizarre and I can’t really understand why.

So, he’s not studying anymore, like we are. He owns a few businesses and is very successful and, of course, financially independent. Do they think I’m in it for the “benefits”? My friends know me. Damn, even some of you know me well enough to know I wouldn’t do it!

I’m all about love. All about full hearts and bursting joy and feelings so intense they’ll leave you dizzy and questioning if they’re real.

I can’t recall smiling until my cheeks hurt or laughing so effortlessly or wanting to take care of someone just because it makes me feel this good. There was never someone I could stay up with until 5 am listening to music and drinking wine without running out of conversation topics. We end up watching the sunrise, unaware of the time passed together.

It feels complete, replete, entire. There is no need for other distractions when we’re together. Enjoying each other is enough. I don’t avoid being alone with him, I look forward to it everyday. No sounds other than our voices, and sometimes some music, our phones neglected on the rug without us minding the light from the constant notifications. TV off, always. It’s just us and our dreams and our jokes and our never ending conversations. And then it’s the kissing and his hands moving slowly up and down my body. And in the morning it’s the lack of will to part because we’re young and foolish making that bed our heaven on earth.

I could go on but I think you get the picture. So that leaves the question: should I mind the age gap?


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