Why won’t you?

I speak to you
About dreams and worries and the future
You talk numbers
And real estate and businesses and money

I’ve had enough with numbers
I meant it when I said all I needed this Summer
Was your love and a hut by the beach
And you know how to love me just right
So why won’t you?


3 thoughts on “Why won’t you?

  1. Generally speaking, women are wired for focus mostly on feelings and emotions, while men are not –they focus on work & sports and such, for dispaying ‘acheivement’ — there you have it. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings for you, but maybe he can’t verbally epress them well.


      1. It’s my opinion, right or wrong, that one thing men need women for– aside from the hormonal stuff-is that they ARE emotional. Men think they have to be strong & stoic, and that’s necessary at times, but a woman can put it all out there, doing it for both of them in a way, by proxy. “Men don’t cry’ they are taught, so ifitheir pet dies, or worse, the man can feel some of his grief expressed through the woman’s tears.


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