I Don’t Wanna Be Me

There are times when I wish
I were anyone else in the world
But me

(Sad and short little vent to help away the tears)


10 thoughts on “I Don’t Wanna Be Me

  1. Then who would be you, Terry?

    I have felt that too. But we need all of us here in this world. I am sure you mean the world to someone out there, whether you know it or accept it (100% hard to believe and I attest to that feeling, but just got to believe it). You make me happy through your posts, if that matters any…

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  2. Come on now, you know you are loved!
    And know that people you see or know, to whom you compare youself in this frame of mind–likely ALL of them are suffering from their own insecurities and issues and faults, perceived as real to them, that others may never know. It’s not wrong to acknowledge a mood of sadness or even despair–just don’t hold onto it. You have been happy and you will be again.. .
    XOXO your Pretend Mom ha


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