Shit, I’m in France 

Not the easiest thing. At all.

Today is just the second day, though. Going to get out of bed and learn French somehow. I might just go to Fnac (book store among other things) and read french.

A bientôt!


7 thoughts on “Shit, I’m in France 

  1. I spent many years learning French but I still found that French people did not understand me. Not much different to English people though – they don’t understand me either!


  2. I had occasion once to use online translation services, English to French, for something I wrote in a memorial to a French guy I met years ago. Later in curiosity I had the translated-to-French translated back to English by 3 different online services.After the first finished French-to-English, I did it twice more, after the first was so inaccurate to what I’d wriiten.

    I was shocked to see none of the translations was true to what I’d written except in isolated words or phrases.and all 3 were drastically different..They basically just made shit up! . And the English-to-French translations were all quite different looking too. . . My point here is–don’t depend on translation services for accuracy whatsoever.


  3. Hey Terry, was wondering were you had been. Your site is inaccessible most days….hope you fix that (or maybe it is intentional, like locking the house when you are away…ha ha).

    Good to know you are in France…That’s a lot of travel. Lucky you. Enjoy the beautiful days…


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