Château d’Amboise (photos)


Last weekend we went to the Château d’Amboise. It is absolutely stunning and just a sample of the beautiful chateaux I will find here, in the Vale du Loire, during my exchange period. We also did some wine tasting, the very first time I went on something like that, which was a great experience.

I’m also very happy with the other exchange students I’ve made friends with. I’m sure that in a way or another they will stay with me forever. In so little time we’ve built such great trust. We had to, we only have each other, really.

On the downside, classes are driving me crazy. It’s way too many hours, getting up very early, I still don’t understand french very well… not at all what I’m used to. But it’ll have to do. No matter the adversities, we keep on going. Because we have to and because it is definitely worth it.




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