My comeback – after a long period of introspection

First impressions are very deceiving. Something new happened every day since I’ve been in France, some crazy and unexpected things, and it’s only now starting to slow down. Now, I can be more accurate stating my opinion and how I’ve felt so far.

One thing hasn’t changed: I could not have made a better choice.

You don’t need to go across the world to come across different countries, different people with their own points of view.

I’ve seen suffer, I’ve met people who have been through terrible things in life, I’ve also met some people with similar paths as mine and with whom I feel safe because we’re so alike.

I’ve never had more fun in my life. I feel so free. In this little French town, I’ve found life in such a pure form, without toxic thoughts and preconceptions.

For so long, I was being very negative. I was so hard on myself in the sense that I though of myself as unworthy of a lot of things and I kept sabotaging some aspects of my life for the same reason. I would not stop comparing myself to every single person around me.

I’m not worse or better than anyone else, I have realized that I am someone who can also offer to the world. I might not be a genius or a world class beauty or extremely talented, but I don’t have to either.


2 thoughts on “My comeback – after a long period of introspection

  1. I’m so glad you’re happy there !
    You’re maturing as a person beautifully. You’ve been in emotional turmoil much of the time I’ve known you–but I think that’s pretty normal for a thinking young person. You’ve learned some life lessons along the way, bad and good both.
    Many people don’t think about things deeply like you do, limiting themselves in life, or don’t pay attention to cause-and-effect (consequences), then find themselves in trouble, wondering how they got there.

    Your remark about sabotaging situations in your life is especially astute–I think just about everyone does that to some degree, many either unaware or plainly unconcerned. Realizing that you do that is the #1 aspect of stopping it (sometimes easier said than done!) and living a fulfilling life. You’re going to be fine! ♥


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