We move forward, that’s what we do

Christmas has come and gone. I’m now back in France after an amazing one week trip to Ireland.

It’s unbelievable to me how much I’ve changed and how many twists there were in my life.

It became very real when my father came up to me and said he’d never seen me turn my back on a fight instead of going crazy. Even more when he told me his money had never been so well spent.

I knew I needed a break, I just didn’t know how much.

I’m proud of myself, I’m proud of the times I held in my tears and fought and grew and evolved and stepped out into a place where I was completely uncomfortable and made a new home out of it.

Looking back, I know I’ve come such a long way. It took me so long to get over a breakup that happened back in 2015 but of course I put it down to the lowest phase of my life.

I can almost say my depression and anxiety are now fully gone, since I was truly able to enjoy myself, I’ve never felt so alive, but I don’t want to celebrate beforehand.

I’ll be posting very regularly in the next few weeks. I need to figure out what my next move is, I know where I’ll be, I know what I’ll be doing but I need to go over the most important thing of all: the absolute best mindset to continue to succeed.

Happy New Year, folks!

The things a crow puts in its nest,
They’re always things it finds that shine.
And how he’ll find a shiny dime,
Silver twine, from a valentine.
The crows all bring them shiny things.

Leave me alone you big ol’ moon,
The light you cast is just a lighter.
You’re like the crow, ’cause if it goes,
You’re dressed to go, you guessed, I know,
You’ll always bring them shiny things.

Well I’m not dancing here tonight,
But things are bound to turn around.
The only thing I want that shines,
Is to be king there in your eyes.
To be your only shiny thing.

Tom Waits – Shiny Things


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