I’m single. So what?

“You must have met someone special in France.”


“But you’re so pretty.”


“Not even one guy?”


Why am I expected to have found a guy in France? Why do people even think that’s how it should be?

I was here for 5 months to learn a new language, to pass my courses, to have fun and drink wine. I have done all that and much more. I’m so young and all I wanted was to enjoy myself and make the best of it.

That does not leave room for a relationship with a randomer that would have no future anyway.

I travelled so much and I saw the world and I made the best friends ever and they love me really good.

So I’ll tell you what, sweetheart, I had great sex. With more than one person. None of them were my boyfriends and we didn’t have dinner before we got in bed. And I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

There’s your answer.


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