I will wait

Life is very fragile, very precious. Life is all we have. Our beating hearts are what we should treasure the most.

I look back and I’m ashamed of how many times I did not value my life enough. I wasted my time with worthless people doing worthless things for momentary amusement.

I never knew how to wait but also I never really saw the point in doing that. Now I do.

I want to fill my life with value and people I love and who love me back and I know it’s finally time to leave behind this childish behavior of seeking ephemeral pleasure.

The same way I said I now saw a bigger world, I also see my life from above, a bigger picture, and I see how I must work towards one that is worth living.

I must wait for love and not jump into meaningless relationships. I must work hard and wait for the career I want and not jump into the conclusion I can’t do it without even trying. I must wait and work towards things falling into their right place because if I keep chasing every single apparent opportunity I end up losing what I’ve built so far.

I’ll wait. I’ll be patient. And it will be worth it.


(random picture I took of a beautiful plant to go along)


3 thoughts on “I will wait

  1. I’m proud to know you, to see your sharp introspection and growth as a person. I’ve said so before, but you only climb higher and higher !
    You’re so far ahead of so many people your age–and much older as well– some people just don’t ‘get it’.


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