Only time will tell: family affairs

Living alone was hard. You’re not supposed to admit it because you must be strong and need no one but many times I felt lonely. All those times, I thought of how much I missed my sister.Sharing a bedroom, sharing our worries and laughing together at unfortunate events, helping each other get past the hard times.

We were together for one day back in the house and it couldn’t have been worse. Everything I said she would get super defensive about it and the conversation would end there. I don’t like having to tip toe around her because she gets annoyed with the smallest thing. I also don’t like that she never takes my feelings into consideration and is so self centered whereas I am very protective of her and everything I do I think of her. I just do it, I don’t even think about it.

I know it will eventually work out but it brought me down because coming home was a bit disappointing. There was a lot of stress involved and daily fights with my middle sister and my mother. It makes me wonder if nothing’s changed, after all. 

I’ve just arrived in Belgium, I’ll be traveling for 10 days. I’ll visit Ghent, Leuven, Brussels and Brugge. I’ll also visit Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and will end my trip with 4 days in sunny Barcelona with my all time best girlfriend, Gabi.

I’m in for some good fun, that’s for sure.

I know there will be a lot to do and a lot to work on when I get home. For now, I’ll enjoy myself while I’ll can. Make the best of it. 

When I’m back home, in 10 days, I’ll give it my all and, after that, only time will tell.


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