I love iPhones. They help me manage my anxiety because the design is clean and I can simplify it and they’re fast and all the features help me stay organized.But the Calendar app has recently turned on me. Now, everyday I count the weeks until the next time I’ll see David again. It’s 9. And it seems like it’s been 9 for ages. Time works in mysterious ways. It either flies by or seems to stay still.

We’re not even in a relationship and I recall his own words “I’d never ask you to not be with other people or enjoy your travels.”. He didn’t have to. I’m staying faithful purely out of love and not a label. Everything is upside down but I don’t mind because I feel good. This is definitely the kind of relationship to value and care for.

A great story to add to the book of The random life of Teresa: how I fell in love with an Irish man I met in Portugal after four months apart while I was in France and who’s now living in Abu Dhabi. 

I’ll see you in 9 weeks time, David, and I know it will be utterly worth the wait.


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