My silver lining

It’s never easy when I go through a period of uncontrollable anxiety. The feeling of hopelessness is probably one of the worst you can have because, in your mind, there’s no reason to keep going and that’s when life loses all its meaning.

But the truth is these are my greatest moments of personal growth. Where I actually meditate and exercise and dedicate a few hours a day to research of new and effective ways to fight anxiety.

I feel so grown up and so different. My father acknowledged the same thing and it filled my heart with joy because I know how much he’s suffered because of me and it’s amazing to see him take pride on my path to recovery.

The downside, right now, is that I don’t really “click” with the people I used to hang out with before I moved to France and that sometimes makes me sad because life gets a bit lonely but I just say to myself: “You’ve never been alone. Your family loves you. The right people will come along the way they always did.” I do believe that alike people will always naturally gravitate towards each other.

This is to say that I know my weaknesses but my strengths, too.

I’m a bit all over the place right now but I must say I’m very proud of myself and of my work over the last two weeks in order to get my life together, the best way to know you can do the things you have to do IS TO DO THEM.

Barcelona, February 2017 – “The waves of the sea help me get back to me.”

One thought on “My silver lining

  1. Love that photo…Barcelona is such a wonderful city. Being close to the ocean is very soothing. I love the ebb and flow of the waves…it encourages us to meditate and breath slower…to become one with nature. You are quite an adventurer living in France and trying to connect with people in a different culture. That in itself takes great courage and confidence. What you are experiencing now is actually a gift you will look back on later in life with great pride.🎁😘

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