It’s almost like a holiday

For me it took getting my wisdom teeth removed to spend a guilt free day doing nothing.

Eating ice cream. Napping. Resting. Binge watching Californication.

And even though this is really painful and causing me a great deal of discomfort it feels really good not having to move and skipping class and this one time it’s ok – doctor’s order.




3 thoughts on “It’s almost like a holiday

  1. I’m wondering — did you get ‘put to sleep’ for the wisdom teeth, the anesthesia? There are some funny anesthesia aftermath videos on youtube–for some people it alters their perceptions and emotions afterwards until the drug wears off, crying over nothing, temporary delusions, etc. . . One had a kid telling his dad –‘you’re a banana’ . hahaha.

    A funny one is ‘Jack After Wisdom Teeth Removal’ . . ‘Mom! MOM! Don’t hit that unicorn !” (“Ok, honey, I won’t’). .’Hey ! There’s a mermaid ! She’s my girlfriend. .’ . . hahahaha


    1. Yes I’ve seen a couple of those videos, they become viral all the time, they’re so funny!!! It’s a mix of the anesthesia (you’re awake, you just can’t feel the pain) and meds they’ll give you to calm you down because most people are very anxious about getting teeth removed! I was laughing for no reason but it wore off pretty fast


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