“Amar Pelos Dois”

I don’t mention contemporary Portuguese artists artists. Truth is there aren’t that many, small country.

But there’s a strange phenomenon going on! You may or may not have heard of the Eurovision Song Contest, very famous here in Europe and known for its tacky songs and ostentatious performances.

However, he song “Amar Pelos Dois” by Salvador Sobral is a great exception. It’s simple, no props or dancers or lights, just his sweet voice over a beautiful instrumental. The video of his performance has become viral and there’s a great chance he’ll win. It’s also the only song in the contest that isn’t in English and in the performer’s native language, instead.

To me, it shows how good music can transcend something as big as a language barrier. Many claim to get the feeling of the song without understanding it.

Of course it helps that he’s so adorable! Or how the internet says: Salv-adorable!

I’d love to know your opinion. Personally, I fell in love with this beautiful song and its deep meaning, I can’t stop listening to it. Here’s the video of his performance and also my own attempt at translating the lyrics:


If someone ever asks about me
Tell them I lived to love you
Before you came along
All I did was exist
Tired and with nothing to give

My darling, listen to my prayers
I beg you to come back
For you to want me again
I know we can’t love on our own
But maybe at a slow pace
You can learn to love again

If your heart doesn’t want to give in
Doesn’t want to feel passion
Doesn’t want to hurt
Without making plans
For what will come next
My heart can love for the both of us


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