My beautiful sister!

Of all the people in my life, I adore my sister the most.

These days we’ve been spending our days together – we’ve also shared a bedroom for the last 2 years – and it’s been amazing.

She’s a beautiful person but I don’t think there’s something quite like the love of a sister.

She’s not overprotective like a mother nor just a friend who could walk out on you. We fully accept each other the way we are and we know when we need to be left alone.

She’s my biggest supporter, the best of friends, she pushes me to be the best I can be.

Simple things like looking at me when we’re studying and saying “We can do it!” or making sure we’re both eating very healthy, because she knows I’m struggling with my weight, make me feel like I’m not alone when it gets harder.

But then we’ll also have dinner on the couch watching Grey’s Anatomy together and laugh our heads off trying to count all the characters that have died. And trash our exes. And girls we don’t like. And make plans for tomorrow or next summer.

Having a sister is probably the best remedy for solitude. I highly recommend it.


Also, she’s so pretty 🙂


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