Blind date fail

I hate judging someone on their looks but when it comes to picking a partner, or even someone just to date them, of course I have to do it; I hate to do it, though!

I went on kind of a blind date and it was not what I was expecting.

I had been talking to the guy for a while and he seemed awesome.

We arranged to meet: I entered the bar and immediately regretted my decision. He was tiny, man. Short and skinny. He got up to greet me and then I was sure he was easily 5 cm shorter than me.

We spent 2 hours talking to each other and he was really nice but there was no attraction at all. The physical part was totally missing.

He had these tiny, skinny hands that seriously freaked me out; they looked like baby hands. And he was a bit deaf.

On top of that, I’m not comfortable with my height or weight. I’m above average on both so I usually go for guys who’ll make me feel tinier instead of enormous.

So, there it is. How shallow a girl can be.

He’s cool and nice and super sweet but I could never be with him, not as long as I’m crazy about strong, big, alpha men – which is really just nature telling me who I should make babies with, it’s really not my fault!

Now I just gotta find a way to let him down easy.

Bring them rugby players my way.



9 thoughts on “Blind date fail

  1. You know Teresa I can’t help thinking that brains are better than brawn. We’re not fighting off sabre tooths any more and have machines to do the lifting. Our babies need brains. Fight that primitive instinct.


    1. I know… but sometimes you just don’t feel it, I guess. I couldn’t date someone with no intelligence either… can I have both? Haha


  2. Did he mis-represent himself before meeting? That happens a lot! It did to me when a guy said he was 15 yrs younger than the truth.. as if it couldn’t be seen, plus he lied about being married. .gggrrr. .. one incident of several, but no more for me, time-wasters.


    1. He didn’t but I feel like he knew he wouldn’t be what I was expecting. He knew he didn’t have many pictures up and that I couldn’t know he wasn’t very good looking or that small!!
      That is horrible. It’s appalling how men can lie about things like that. Even though some women do to… horrible people with no consideration for the people on the other side, only worried about meeting their needs.
      They are time wasters but it can be so fun at times…
      By the way, I read that it’s especially hard to date in California! Come to Portugal, you might find the love of your life haha


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