Take 2 at the craft beer shop

The same day I wrote about that dating fail, I had yet another date. Which is quite odd, I hadn’t been on one in months and felt like I couldn’t even do it because I’ve been hung up on irish guy since January.

This guy asked me to go for a drink with him and I did.

Before, he was living in the capital (Lisbon) and he’s fairly new in town so I took it upon myself to choose where to go.

We went to this super cool, hip, kind of alternative craft beer bar.

We had one of the best beers I’ve ever tasted in my life! Every time I go there I’m impressed at how different and amazing craft beer can be!

Anyway, back to the date.

We talked for hours. We even changed bars midway through. And he’s lovely and really smart and it was awesome!

What I miss the most about being abroad is meeting very different and interesting people and talking to him gave me that excitement you feel when you meet someone you think will teach you something.

He witnessed the post war period in the Slavic countries in first hand, he’s Moldovan. So I might have asked too many questions because I’m fascinated by this period in European history. But I think he was ok with that. So it just flowed back and forth between the two of us, comparing the different countries where we’ve lived and getting to know each other through sharing there experiences.

To conclude, I just want to say that it was funny that the same day I was thinking how dating can be so frustrating, I crossed paths with a really awesome person.

And there might not even be a second date. But life can be fun too, I think that’s my main point. I should take it more lightly sometimes.


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