The modern letter

I was born to instant messaging. I’ve practically never exchanged emails apart from school related stuff.

I’ve been emailing this person back and forth, a fellow traveler, who doesn’t have Facebook and only communicates through email. I couldn’t believe it when he told me at first, I thought it was a joke!

And now I totally understand it and it is beautiful. A bit like letters, I’m guessing. People actually put in the time to write to you. To convey their thoughts and their experiences into grammatically correct sentences and no lols or idks or jks. I get these large descriptions of where he’s been and where he’s going and how he misses Portugal and wants to come back. And that makes everything feel quite special. Not trivial, like the hundreds of text messages we’ve been sending everyday with such little thought.

Every time I get an email from this friend, I make sure I’m in a quite place and that I’m focused so I can read it all and actually enjoy it. It is severely underrated.


3 thoughts on “The modern letter

  1. Some people make fun of emailing, with snarky comments such as ‘oh that’s what my grandma does, and she has a flip-fone too haha’…but I prefer it.
    FB & Twitter one-line comments have their place I suppose but next to actually having a verbal conversation, email is next best for something more in-depth, as well as private


  2. As you say it’s a pleasure to experience someome’s written thoughts presented with correct grammar and spelling these days–something that too often is lacking… seriously, something as simple as ‘your’ vs ‘you’re’ !


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