Dirty work

I’ve been playing this awesome tune – Dirty Work by Steely Dan – and it suddenly started making A LOT  of sense.

I have this friend, I think I started calling him my best friend 2 or 3 years ago. We were inseparable, we had crazy fun together, we were party buddies, eternal bachelors and had a good share of sexual tension.

So things started happening. We got involved a couple of times and it was fine, it made sense at the time, no one was harmed in the process and our friendship would stay rock solid.

In the summer we became incredibly close for a while: he was in Mexico on vacation and I was on vacation with my family as well. At 1 am I’d sneak out to the balcony, light a cigarette and video chat him. We were both going abroad in a couple of weeks, we were scared and excited and that brought us together. And quite lonely… so we even talked about what it’d be like if we had a relationship together.

Looking back, it makes no sense. First of all, he’s incapable of committing to anyone and, most importantly, apart from being the two who can drink the most beer out of our group of friends we have nothing in common.

5 months forward we were back in Portugal and he started a relationship with a girl but still wanted to see me. We were together one time but I didn’t know they were a couple, then, he never told me.

Yesterday it was his birthday. A mutual friend told me he took the girl home to meet his parents. He texted me saying we should have dinner at his house on Friday night to catch up and celebrate.

Not happening.

Times are hard
You’re afraid to pay the fee
So you find yourself somebody
Who can do the job for free
When you need a bit of lovin’
Cause your man is out of town
That’s the time you get me runnin’
And you know I’ll be around

I’m a fool to do your dirty work
Oh yeah
I don’t wanna do your dirty work
No more
I’m a fool to do your dirty work
Oh yeah


5 thoughts on “Dirty work

  1. Surprize ! (in my opinion) the man’s a dog, I’d bet his idea of ‘celebrating’ would include sex…So many of them chase after it wherever they can catch it, regardless of if they have a girlfriend.. or wife!


  2. However.. you could go for a free lovely dinner . .haha.. then you take charge of the night, deciding what will or won’t happen, not being pulled into doing something you don’t want


  3. Umm, I don’t know what to say actually.

    I thought it was going to be a happy ending seeing how it started. I am sorry t hear that, btw.

    Wait, the Croatia trip? Was it with him?


    1. No. Croatia trip will happen in July and it’s with a solid friend from more than 10 years ago 😊
      It’s ok. Some things go wrong… others go right 😊

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