I’ve figured it out, I’m going to PRAGUE!

I’m gonna volunteer at a hostel there during August. They’ll pay for my stay and some people and I might even get some pocket money, so it will be pretty cheap to be there, maybe even cheaper than being in Porto all summer.

I’m going to be doing some good traveling this summer and it’s all thanks to my grandma. If it weren’t for her I’d never have the money to go anywhere. Ever since I came to uni she started giving me a monthly allowance to spend on things for myself or save up, so it’s been 4 years.

She’s my biggest supporter. She used to not understand why I chose mechanical engineering but, having 5 grandchildren and me being the oldest, she accepted and has been super supporting ever since. She’s also traveled the world so she wants us to do the same and it makes her happy that I spend this money on travels.

Lately, her health has seriously deteriorated. I just wish she’ll still be here when I graduate, I don’t think anything could make her happier.

I’m SO excited about Prague. I need to get away so bad and it’s such a cool, young city. Well, all European capitals are awesome cities that welcome millions of tourists and travellers every year, so it never gets boring. As usual, odd occurrences and exciting news will be posted on this blog first hand.

(9 days until exams are over)


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