“Gamers Have Lower Sex Drives Than Other Men, Study Finds”

I sometimes read the articles on VICE. They can be quite interesting and they know how to get the attention of people like me, who are immediately attracted to anything out of the ordinary/shocking/thought-provoking and that will transport you to an alternative world, that’s their thing.

However, this particular article was pretty ordinary. I was scrolling through VICE and came across a headline that read “Gamers Have Lower Sex Drives Than Other Men, Study Finds”.

It clicked!

That’s why, on that very drunken night of my 20th birthday, almost two years ago, I got in bed with my upstairs neighbour and we barely kissed. Also, I felt quite insulted to have woken up in the morning all alone in his bed.

Just this morning, getting out of the building, I bumped into him. My makeup was fresh, my perfume at its strongest and I was smiling and feeling great, so I was glad that for once I met him in the morning, instead of coming home from school being in my usual state of i’ve-been-studying-for-months-im-tired-and-i-look-like-shit.

So there he was, 10 in the am, sun shining. Sun glasses, as always, tall, handsome, dirty blonde hair and matching stubble, piercing in one year, brown leather jacket, that overall bad boy look I can’t resist. And THAT smile, DUDE. He stopped to say hi and we chatted for 2 minutes and we each went our ways. And I admit I went to school thinking of how nice he was and that I’ve had a crush on him ever since I met him.

He’s been single all this time, living on the floor just above mine and we’ve even been in bed together! And NOTHING!!!!!!!! Also, he’s definitely not gay. He’s a hardcore gamer. All he does is play LOL and occasionally study in cases of absolute necessity. I don’t even think he eats. He probably has no idea how sexy I think he is.

So there’s the answer I’d been looking for.

Mystery solved.

I’m gonna sleep well tonight.

School update: 1 day/1 exam left thank god!!!!!!!!!! Will post again tomorrow as my life is getting exciting again


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