Back from Croatia

Croatia was a blast. It was 8 days of fun and hedonism.

The crew was my best guy friend from my teenage years, a girl he met traveling and me – and we were great together.

About Split: it’s a beautiful place, even more so if you make it to the islands, but very expensive because of the tourism that keeps increasing.

The best experience was probably when we rented a boat and sailed to the middle of the ocean with apple cider and good music, surrounded by turquoise colored, cristal clear water, when we visited Hvar island.

Because we were on a budget, I didn’t make it to Plitvice lakes, which I kind of regret, but it’d also have been a bit frustrating because they don’t let you seem, which a very nice Australian boy I encountered described as “having a really hot woman naked in front of you and not being allowed to have sex with her”.

We did go to Krka National Park and saw the waterfalls, that was a little piece of paradise and I’m so glad we went.

I also came across some awesome people and met cute boys, that’s always good. I think listening to people’s individual stories is my favorite part of it all.

Now, having told you the good parts, I still want to give you a realistic opinion of Croatia and tell you why I won’t be coming back anytime soon.

It mostly thrives on selling drugs to tourists with stronger currencies and the majority of people are not visiting to enjoy the nature and have fun, but to get drunk and take hard drugs for cheap.

As so, it’s mostly run by americans and australians who believe they don’t need to work in europe to have a good life, as they had to back home.

I actually heard people saying this and it enraged me because europeans struggle to find work and these guys create huge businesses in europe, like pubcrawls and hostels, and I can’t blame them, but I also can’t help but feeling disgusted with their ignorance telling this to people who actually work hard all year and are there on vacation.

I also think it’s crazy that some of these people are so oblivious to the unneveness this extreme exploitation of the region for tourism causes in the cities. There’s too many young croatians who have no other chance but to start selling drugs as well, as most people they know.

It was all a bit surreal to me.

The balance is still positive, I had great fun, but when I visit a place I make sure I try to understand its culture and its underlying problems, what’s behind all the beautiful pictures people post on instagram.




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