Living with other people is hard

Sometimes someone becomes really annoying out of nowhere and just their presence makes your blood boil. Them eating crackers, them drinking water, them straightening their hair before a fucking 5 hour car ride to the beach. It’s been happening with my middle sister.

With time passing, she’s becoming more materialistic and I can’t deal with it. I don’t know how to keep up a conversation when all she talks about is clothes and hair and laser hair removal.

We’ve always been very close like I’ve said before but it’s becoming increasingly difficult. It’s definitely one of our biggest differences and one that isn’t easy to deal with when you share a tiny apartment.

We’re right now on our way to our family holiday. After this, I’ll catch my flight to Prague. I’ll be away for over a month whereas she’ll be away for a week. SHE PACKED TWICE AS MUCH AS I DID HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE.

She also directs all her time, energy and money to this kind of thing. Shopping, scrolling through the websites of her favorite stores or just being on the internet. She’s completely oblivious to everything else and still is always so fucking sure of herself and everything she says.

People can be different and usually I just don’t care and let them be but it’s a lot harder when you see your least favorite characteristics in your favorite person. I’m not sure how to deal with this honestly.

Now off to the south coast.


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